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Cinderella - Baroque Style - Bell Shaped - Transforming Tutu

This costume shows the journey of Cinderella's ball gown. A transforming costume designed for a ballet production of Cinderella, the design is based on the Disney version of the story but set in the baroque era.

The journey of this costume begins when Cinderella wears the dress that was initially her mothers but had been altered by her army of pet friends. She arrives at the stairs and surprises her stepmother and sisters that she is coming to the Ball, Only to be Attacked and have parts of her dress torn off by her stepsisters. She is wearing a pink Baroque style tutu with a headdress and sleeves. Velcro holds on the top layer of the skirt at the front, and both sleeves are separate from the bodice, with Velcro openings torn open when Cinderella is under attack. The top layer and sleeves are discarded, and Cinderella is left with a torn and ragged layer of the tutu (the bodice is still intact).

Cinderella is then distraught and left to sob. When the fairy godmother appears and begins to change the torn dress into the ball gown, the stage lights go down momentarily. The torn layer is released by pulling open snap poppers at the side seam and then pulling quickly on a small hoop connected to a fishing wire holding the side seam together on the bodice. The pink bodice that is attached to the torn skirt is then discarded. As this is happening, twinkle lights are built into the tutu underneath, activated by the fairy godmother, which appears in the darkened stage. The lights create a magical glow, and within seconds, the stage lights are back on, revealing the change of dress into the ball gown.

This costume shows careful consideration of proportions and placement of multiple layers, including the careful incorporation of electronics to the ball gown.

(please note final photo shoot yet to be confirmed)


Phoebe Maynard


To be confirmed

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