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The Royal Opera House Design Challenge -Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

My initial design for this costume was entered in the Royal Opera Design Challenge in 2019. Due to the design being chosen for the final of the competition. It was then bought to life from design through to construction.

The concept, a contemporary romantic tutu for Juliet for the Macmillan production of Romeo and Juliet. The movements are fluid in the choreography of this particular ballet production. My vision was to reflect this through the movement of the skirt and freedom of the leg movements.

The dress is designed for the masquerade ball scene in which Romeo and Juliet first met and fell in love at first sight. I chose the dress colour by studying colour psychology and pairing character status to the correct colour for this scene. In this case, RED is the colour of style, excitement, passion, danger, romance, energetic urgency and love.

The costume is a long-sleeved leotard with puff sleeves (a little historic touch). There is an invisible zip at the centre back for access. The skirt is a separate layer that sits over the leotard, fastened with poppers. It is double layered with chiffon over satin, cut at almost a full circle skirt shape with gathers. There is gold foiling detail on the front and back of the leotard and the front of the skirt.


Deborah Wingfield




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