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Costume in Art

A costume designed for carnival/festival wear. The detailed design interprets a piece of artwork by an Italian artist called Hunto, whose work is full-on colour, his murals have a twisted take on cubism, and his work mainly represents people, faces, the beauty of the female form their energy. Hunto's pieces are an ongoing exploration of the intertwined themes of eroticism and human relationships. In addition, the costume represents the concept of communication through movement.

The faces were redrawn and mapped out on a simple dress pattern and a batwing shape attached to one side of the dress. The dress & wing are made from a black four-way stretch scuba with a low back for easy access. The faces are appliqued on with multiple coloured fabric.

When the arm is raised on the batwing shaped element, the second kissing couple's face is revealed, thus engaging communication.


Kayley Cordier


King John Court


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