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The concept of this Design is Metamorphosis.

In my initial research, I explored and researched specific keywords obtained from the analysis of 5 objects in class at the beginning of the project. 2 exact keywords were; "transformation" and "butterfly"; I could identify these keywords in nature. I also began to think about a possible, colourful stage or carnival costume theme, seeing as butterflies are very bright. I concentrated primarily on researching the details of a butterfly and its transformation and how this information could be applied to a transforming costume. After exploring research into films such as "Alice through the looking glass" and "Avatar," I began to look more at the metamorphosis of the natural world's changing into fantasy realms. I then decided it would be a good idea to combine the butterfly and its environment in both fantasy and natural forms.

This Design was hugely inspired by Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, Damian Hirst, and his butterfly work.

This costume has many elements of decorative designs situated on the front and back. There is a large oversized geometrical butterfly surrounded by circular appliqués of various fabrics and screen print designs, and these represent the butterfly in fantasy form and the metamorphosis between worlds. On the back, there is an oversized hyacinth, two-tone purple flower. A monarch butterfly structure is situated on a layer of leaves on the right shoulder, representing the butterfly in its natural world.

All structural elements are attached to giant oversized leaves in a tabard style with side straps to keep in place. Underneath this costume is a colour coordinated leotard, this was made to be separate from the primary costume to allow for maximum movement.

My metamorphosis themed carnival costume was exhibited at South Essex College, Southend in 2018.


Deborah Wingfield




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